Geometry Dash game review

Geometry Dash is an action and arcade game developed by RobTop Games for the PC platform. The style of the game, unfortunately, is not defined, but the following features can be highlighted: complex, excellent soundtrack, music, level editor, 2d, rhythm game, colorful, for one player, platformer, customizable character appearance, arcade, indie, look side view, action, funny, family friendly, casual, strategy, adventure, multiplayer, steam achievements, trading cards, includes a level editor. You will have access to such game modes as “for one player”.

Geometry Dash is distributed worldwide on a one-time purchase basis by the publisher RobTop Games. At the moment, the stage of the game is launched, and the date of its release is 12/22/2014. You cannot download Geometry Dash for free, including torrenting, as the game is distributed as a one-time purchase this tool.

MMO13 has yet to give Geometry Dash a rating. The game is distributed on the Steam store, whose users rate this game with their reviews 9.5 points out of 10.

The official description of the game reads:”Jump and fly your way through danger in this rhythm-based action platformer!”

The game that interests children more than YouTube

  • The game “Roblox” enables children to program their own little games for themselves and other gamers.
  • Roblox is a great success in the USA, now it’s coming to Germany.
  • The company promises to take parents’ concerns seriously and to protect children from adult harassment, for example.

The customers wait in several lines. A customer orders a “YumYumEpicYum” pizza extra. A figure made of coarse pixels, called “MatteoMagDich”, jumps around hectically in an equally coarse pixelated pizzeria without walls. If the orders go out on time, a white number above his head shows how much Matteo has earned.

As you read this text, around 20,000 people are baking digital pizza. “Work in a pizzeria” is the name of the game and is one of the most successful titles on Roblox, a mixture of social network and game platform. Roblox is a phenomenon in the USA. In December 2017, Roblox overtook Youtube in the USA as the website where children under 13 spend most of their time. This is shown by figures from the market research company ComScore. The phenomenon now wants to conquer the world. The German version of the platform started a few days ago get this tool.

There is no question that it has educational potential. However, parents need to encourage and direct this potential. If they do not, the children could sink into the enormous selection. And not all worlds are as innocent as opening a pizzeria.

You can tell that most of the players are still so young. The look, which looks like a mixture of Lego and Minecraft, the childish names of the players and the games themselves, which are usually short and uncomplicated. Many elements have been seen elsewhere, and better. The selection of titles in the games library is reminiscent of Netflix or Steam, the currency system of free games from the app store. In the game, players can earn virtual money, for example by baking pizza.

The players can create their own games in a simple programming language

So why is Roblox so successful? Part of that has to do with the fact that Roblox is basically free, although players can buy virtual money – so-called Robux – to unlock additional content. Most games can be played on cell phones, PCs, consoles and even 3D glasses. Like many other games and platforms, you get as many players as possible. The game portal stands out from all others in one point. The players can create their own games in a literally foolproof programming language. According to the company, more than four of the 90 million players a month develop around a million games – every month.

This is exactly why Roblox did well in a test by the specialist agency for youth media culture in North Rhine-Westphalia. Roblox-Studio’s easy-to-understand programming environment encourages children’s creativity. Advanced children can use the Lua scripting language to change the environment more and more and create more and more complex games.

Children learn to code in secret

The net is teeming with stories in which children are said to have learned to program with Roblox without their parents knowing. Roblox is also celebrated in some media. Last year Forbes magazine headlined, for example: “This is how Roblox trains the next generation of game entrepreneurs.” The story’s title character is Alex Binello, who has never attended a programming class. Nevertheless, he developed the game “Meep City” on the portal, a kind of virtual city full of mini-games, which ultimately made him a millionaire.

Because Roblox lives from the huge selection of games, the company distributes part of the income to the developers. It works like this: A player creates a game. If other players spend Robux on items in their game, they will be credited to the player. He can then buy his own items or have them paid out. $ 98 million has already been paid out in this way, the company says. “It’s almost as if we were running ‘American Idol’ for aspiring game developers,” says founder David Baszucki in Forbes magazine, describing the concept.

There are said to be more than 57 million games on Roblox. Many of them are everyday simulations in which players manage gas stations, farms or even pizzerias. Fan versions of famous games or films are also popular. The makers of these games simply copy characters, logos, sometimes entire storylines, which they then process into their own game.

Not all games are as innocent as opening a pizzeria. There are many shooters in which funny-looking characters have to steal cars and kill other players. Roblox was also not spared major scandals. A mother’s video went viral last year. She filmed the virtual sex room that someone had built on Roblox and that her six-year-old daughter was invited to. The video shows naked characters having sex. On YouTube there are bizarre “Let’s Play” videos that lead through rooms full of golden genitals, which have now been deleted.

The USK is sitting at the table

Because of such cases, the game platform is heavily soliciting the trust of parents. At the start of Germany, she announced that she would moderate chats between players and check games to see whether the characters in them are dressed. For parents, there will also be customer support in German in the future and the option of blocking access to certain games. In addition, the managing director of the German entertainment software self-regulation (USK), Elisabeth Secker, should sit on the advisory committee for trust and security of the company.

The department for youth media culture recommends parents to regularly check new content on the platform, because so many games end up there. Children should also not send mobile phone numbers and pictures, because you can move around the platform completely anonymously. So nobody can know for sure who is behind an account  free executor.

Roblox’s child-centric concept seems to be working. This can also be seen in the way the colorful world of blocks affects other platforms that are otherwise not known for child-friendly comments. On Youtube the video about the pizza baking by MatteoMagDich has 185,000 clicks and 500 comments. No hateful comments, almost exclusively with praise. The most popular comment: “My favorite pizza is margarita. If you also like pizza, please like it.”

5 Dreamweaver Alternatives You Should Know About

In 1997, Macromedia published the first version of Dreamweaver exclusively for the Apple operating system Mac OS 8. It was not until almost 3 months later – with version 1.2 – that support for Microsoft Windows systems was implemented. 10 years later, the software company Adobe took over the web development software and added it to its Creative Suite (which has since been superseded by the Creative Cloud ) as a replacement for the GoLive editor it had previously included. Who the very extensive application for creating and designing responsive web applicationswould like to use, must either take out the individual product subscription offered or rent the complete Creative Cloud package, which is why professional users primarily work with the software dreamweaver software crack.

This guide explains briefly the special features of the Adobe program before it then presents interesting, mostly free alternatives to Dreamweaver.

This is what defines Adobe Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver scores with its typical Adobe interface, which is well known to users of Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and Co. The range of functions of the HTML editor, which presents itself as the measure of all things when it comes to WYSIWYG , has grown significantly, especially since the release of the Creative Cloud, which makes writing code child’s play. For example, it is possible to review all changes in real time without having to reload the page, or to edit CSS code directly within the HTML file thanks to an inline editor. The implemented coding engine also helpsin the process of writing clean code by automatically completing snippets with Emmet support, generating automatic indentations, and color- coding elements that belong together . In addition, Dreamweaver offers the following features:

  • Code validation
  • Support of CSS preprocessors ( Sass , Less )
  • Support of PHP (from PHP 5.4)
  • Multiple cursors for writing and editing different lines of code at the same time
  • Integrated CSS framework Bootstrap for responsive web design
  • Access to royalty-free images and vector graphics from Adobe Stock
  • Easy access to your own graphics, designs and other assets via the Creative Cloud
  • creative suite software crack

What are the free Dreamweaver alternatives?

Anyone who has access to all of the Creative Cloud products and who has tried and tested Dreamweaver will not do much wrong with Adobe software. For developers on a budget, however, there are good Dreamweaver alternatives that are free to use. We present 5 interesting representatives to you in the following sections. On the one hand, it is about presenting their features and special features . On the other hand, the differences and similarities to Adobe’s software should also be highlighted and the usability of the various tools examined.


The Composer / Nvu successor BlueGriffon from Disruptive Innovations uses the Gecko rendering engine, which is written in C ++ and is used in the Firefox web browser, as the basis for the implemented WYSIWYG editor. This makes it possible to create and edit HTML4 , HTML5 and XHTML pages, which you can examine in a preview version during the creation process. The user interface is available in 20 languages, including German, Spanish, English and French. BlueGriffon runs on newer Windows (from 7) and macOS systems (from 10.8) and – in contrast to Dreamweaver – also under the Linux distribution Ubuntu (from 16.04). The web editor also has the following features:

  • Easy integration of HTML5 forms, videos and audio files
  • CSS editor (enables 2D and 3D transformation techniques)
  • SVG editor
  • Font manager for FontSquirrel and Google Fonts
  • Syntax highlighting and auto-completion
  • Modifiable menu bars and keyboard shortcuts
  • Accessibility thanks to ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications)
BlueGriffon user interface
Appearance of the user interface of BlueGriffon

In addition to these functions, which you can use free of charge in the freeware version of BlueGriffon, there are a number of first-class additional components that you receive by purchasing a one-time fee-based license: Among other things, the purchased version contains an improved CSS editor including visual CSS Selector editor, a toolkit manager for inserting multiple JavaScript and CSS files with just a single click, and access to over 2,500 ready-to-use templates . The open source components of BlueGriffon can be found on GitHub or alternatively on the official homepage . You can also purchase the paid license on the latter if you are interested in the additional features.

✔ Proficient in HTML5✘ Lack of support for PHP
✔ Own SVG editor✘ Complex user interface
✔ High compatibility 
✔ Many extensions available 


The web development software KompoZer also emerged from the Mozilla project Nvu and is therefore also based on the Gecko engine . At first KompoZer was concerned with small optimizations of the Nvu software, until the program finally came as an independent web editor under the free licenses GNU GPL ( GNU General Public License ), GNU LGPL ( GNU Lesser General Public License ) and MPL ( Mozilla Public License ) has been published. The team from the Mozilla environment stopped the further development in 2010, but the software is on all common Windows and macOS systems as well as Ubuntu(from version 14.04) can be used. There are now over 20 different language packages for KompoZer – including German, English, French, Italian and Spanish.

Even if KompoZer is not one of the Dreamweaver alternatives that can keep up with the Adobe program in terms of functionality and complexity, the open source application still offers its users a few features that can be used to create professionally designed websites:

  • Powerful WYSWYG editor that allows easy switching between code and preview
  • Integrated CSS editor including import function for existing stylesheets
  • Customizable menu bars
  • Spell checking and syntax highlighting
  • Tabs for editing multiple pages at the same time
  • Form wizard
  • Integrated markup cleaner that checks your projects for W3C conformity
  • FTP page manager including drag-and-drop function for media files such as images
KompoZer user interface
KompoZer: Source code view of an HTML sample page

In addition, there are a handful of useful extensions for the program – such as a link checker, which you can use to check the validity of integrated links . As a possible Adobe Dreamweaver alternative, KompoZer still lacks support for PHP and support for newer web standards such as CSS3 and HTML5. All download versions for the various platforms as well as detailed documentation can be found on the official project website . There you also have the opportunity to report detected bugs or to submit suggestions for new functions.

✔ Fast working WYSIWYG editor with preview function✘ Lack of support for PHP
✔ Available in over 20 languages✘ Further development stopped
✔ Program files are only a few MB✘ Does not support modern standards like HTML5 or CSS3


Brackets are an open source alternative to Dreamweaver, which Adobe launched itself as a community project in 2011. The official GitHub repository now contains more than 5500 forks of the MIT-licensed software , which is based on HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The web editor is available for Windows and Mac as well as for Linux (Ubuntu and Debian ), although the Linux variants do not offer the full range of functions. Brackets runs on the basis of the JavaScript runtime environment Node.js and can be expanded with numerous extensions – including a WYSIWYG editor, which is not included in the standard version.

In the Dreamweaver alternative, you don’t see your code previewed directly in the program by default. However, you have the option of viewing the preliminary result of your web project in Google Chrome at any time . To do this, however, you must first install the Internet browser as well. The developers of brackets for the modern web editor highlight three elementary features:

  • Fast editing : Brackets offers the perfect platform for writing code. You open the program and just get started right away. You don’t have to switch back and forth between different files for HTML, CSS and JavaScript, but simply use integrated editors for style sheets and scripts directly in the HTML document . You select the desired element and then use specific shortcuts to open the mentioned editing masks.
  • Live preview : If you use the preview function with Chrome, Brackets automatically sends all changes to the HTML and CSS code to it in real time , so that you can immediately check whether they are working as desired. Adjustments to JavaScript applications have not yet been integrated into the live preview, but a corresponding function is planned according to the manufacturer. It is currently already possible to see JavaScript modifications in the browser preview by saving the Brackets project beforehand.
  • Support of preprocessors : Code editing in the free alternative to Dreamweaver is not only characterized by high speed, but also by the possibility of using Less and SCSS files – thanks to the support of the CSS preprocessors Less and Sass . With its simplified syntax, which Brackets also knows how to use, you can write and edit your style sheets even faster.
Section of the bracket interface
View CSS code in Adobe Brackets

Brackets benefits from the expandability already mentioned, primarily due to the great commitment of the community – new plug-ins appear almost every week . The W3C validator , the Emmet plug-in and Beautify , a tool for optimizing HTML, JavaScript and CSS code, are particularly popular . The simple and versatile expansion option of the development platform makes Brackets one of the best Dreamweaver alternatives without a doubt.

✔ Permanent further development by the community✘ Lack of support for PHP
✔ Support of CSS preprocessors✘ Limited functions in the Linux versions
✔ Inline editors for CSS and JavaScript✘ WYSIWYG interface only available as an extension

Aptana Studio

Aptana Studio is the free, integrated development environment from Aptana Inc. The platform is based on the Java tool Eclipse and supports JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 as well as various programming languages ​​such as PHP, Python and Ruby . Furthermore, Ajax libraries such as jQuery, Prototype or can be integrated directly into the application and thus used for the development process. The Dreamweaver alternative is available as a stand-alone version for Windows (from XP), Linux (from Ubuntu 9.04 / Fedora 12) and macOS (from OS X 10.5) and as an Eclipse plug-in (at least Eclipse 3.6). The development team distributes Aptana Studio under a dual license model: Users can either choose a combination of a GNU GPL license and Aptana GPL exception or alternatively the Aptana Public License (APL).

In addition to the broad support of programming languages ​​and platforms, the web editor has the following core features:

  • Code wizard : The code wizard gives suggestions for possible arguments, properties or methods and also shows the support of any HTML, CSS and JavaScript elements of your web project in common internet browsers.
  • Integrated debuggers : JavaScript and Ruby-on-Rails debuggers are already implemented and help to detect and correct errors in your web application.
  • Deployment wizard : With the deployment wizard , Aptana Studio offers a tool that helps you upload, download and synchronize your web project files via FTP, SFTP and FTPS.
  • Version control : You can easily link your web project with Git and thus ensure safe, joint work on the source code, as is possible online at GitHub.
  • Integrated command line tool : Thanks to the built-in terminal, you can execute system commands directly in Aptana Studio.
  • Flexible development environment : You can freely configure Aptana Studio according to your wishes and expand the basic options with scripts for standard commands and provide them with shortcuts in order to achieve optimal usability.
Aptana Studio visual interface
Aptana Studio interface: source code view

Thanks to the close connection with Eclipse, the free alternative to Dreamweaver also offers its basic functions. This includes visual syntax highlighting, intelligent code completion or the automatic closing of open tags. In addition, Aptana Studio supports the latest web standards such as HTML5 . Installation files for all platforms and the Eclipse plug-in can be found on the official homepage . The source code of the core components and various plug-ins for the web editor are available for download on GitHub .

✔ Support of various programming languages ​​such as Perl, Python, PHP and Ruby✘ Numerous dependencies, including on Java, Git and Eclipse (in the plug-in version)
✔ Version control using Git✘ No own German language package
✔ Support of the latest web technologies✘ Installation only works with installed Node.js, which Aptana does not point out
 ✘ User interface very complex


GitHub, the hosting service for development projects of all kinds, released its very own version of a web editor in 2014 under the name Atom. The cross-platform framework Electron (formerly Atom Core), which combines the Chromium browser with the JavaScript runtime environment Node.js and also bears the signature of the GitHub developers, acts as the basis . After initially only expansions and packages were released under an open source license, GitHub ultimately decided to also use the source code of the entire project, including all standard “packages”, as the editor’s function modules are called, under the MIT license to release. The functions of the web editor are via individual JavaScript APIsThe developers recommend using CoffeeScript instead of JavaScript. For CSS content, the simplified style sheet language Less is the default in Atom.

Thanks to the appropriate plug-ins, the web editor supports not only the latest standards of HTML, CSS and JavaScript or CoffeeScript, but also various programming languages such as PHP, Ruby, Java, C, C ++, Python and Perl. The many features of the free alternative to Dreamweaver include the following:

  • Integrated package manager : Atom has its own package manager apm (Atom Package Manager), which makes the integration and installation of packages child’s play.
  • Auto-completion : Depending on which programming language you are currently working with, Atom offers suggestions for how to complete the code as you write. You can then apply these recommendations with just one press of a button. You can also expand the pool of possible suggestions with your own code snippets.
  • Syntax highlighting : For installed programming languages, the Dreamweaver alternative provides syntax highlighting for the most important rules. These are automatically highlighted in color if you want to make use of this option.
  • Version management : As expected, Atom implemented the Git version control tool as a GitHub application, which helps you keep track of changes to your web project. For example, you can set the editor so that lines that have changed are visually highlighted.
  • File system browser : Thanks to the file system browser, you can easily search for and open individual files, a complete project or even several projects in a single window.
  • Command Palette : With a simple key combination you call up a search mask with which you can find available commands and access them easily.
Atom web editor menu
Atom user interface: Settings menu and HTML editor

In addition to the high level of user comfort, which considerably simplifies coding, it is above all the expandability that makes the modular web editor a very good Dreamweaver alternative. Over 90 packages and 13 UI themes (as of December 2016) already give the standard installation a wide range of functions, including the excellent language compatibility mentioned. If you miss a feature, it is worth taking a look at the extensions directory on the Atom homepage : Here you have access to thousands of other packages and themes that have been developed and published by the committed community. Among other things, you will also find, for example, a package that adds a live preview function to the web editor Your HTML code added.

The two core packages metrics and exception reporting are under discussion. The former transmits data to Google Analytics, the latter forwards unusual program processes (crashes, errors, etc.) to the Atom development team via Even if both packages are only intended to improve the Atom software, it is recommended to deactivate them in the settings. Unfortunately, the Dreamweaver alternative does not yet have a German-language user interface. You can download current and older versions of the GitHub program, which runs on Windows, macOS and Linux (64-bit Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora), from the official homepage or from the GitHub directory.

✔ Highly expandable✘ No German-language interface
✔ Integrated solutions for package management and version control✘ Questionable (albeit deactivatable) standard packages for data collection
✔ Great language support (including PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, JSON, SQL) 

The best Dreamweaver alternatives from the open source area: Conclusion

Adobe Dreamweaver offers programming beginners a comprehensive complete package for developing websites, which, thanks to its numerous features and direct connection to the Creative Cloud, undoubtedly offers everything you need to create a successful and artistically designed website . However, this is also associated with a high level of complexity and continuous costs. In addition, the Adobe software is not exactly considered a resource-saving solution. Experienced developers, however, usually rely on editors who offer them greater freedom.

The open source alternatives to Dreamweaver presented in this guide represent a middle ground between the modular principle of the Adobe program and bare programming with the help of a normal text editor. The reason for this is mainly the freely available program code that makes the Open -Source web editors are given their great flexibility. You can use a program like Atom either as a minimalist editor with syntax highlighting and code completion or as a full-fledged adobe dreamweaver cc crack development environment that is only in a few ways inferior to the commercial Dreamweaver.

On the other hand, you cannot assume a stability similar to that promised by the Adobe product with the free solutions. Professional software such as Dreamweaver is constantly being further developed , consequently also has the latest web standards ready and often – as in the case of Dreamweaver – represents an all-round carefree package that has matured over decades. Should problems arise with the software or do you need help Competent support is available for your project, and this is also offered by some open source representatives such as BlueGriffon (for a fee). With the free solutions, you are dependent on the help of the community – regardless of whether it is about technical difficulties with the program or about the general advancement goes.

3D room planners online for free with no download

Nowadays we are always looking for ideas on the Internet for our interior design, planning the furnishing and renovation in detail, but never know until the last moment what it will actually look like. Wouldn’t it be better if we could plan our rooms virtually?

There are numerous programs and software on the market, but you can find free 3D room planners online. In the best case, they should be suitable for users without any experience with room planners, and be able to do more than just one task – i.e. being able to set up, choose decoration from a gallery, move walls and paint them with different colors, smartdraw license key 2018 all for free!

Simple free 3D room planners that you can find online

1 / Online living space planner RoomSketcher 

RoomSketcher is the program with the most possibilities among the tested room planners. Getting started is easy! In the free version, after registering, you can create and furnish your own house in just a few steps. Draw walls and insert doors and windows yourself. Change the color and material of the floor, walls and ceiling. In the free room planner RoomSketcher, you can use real products from well-known manufacturers to furnish your home or change the size of the products to represent your existing furniture.

RoomSketcher is an online room planner. So you can start right away without downloading and create your own designs. New products are added every week! You can access your plans from any computer and show them to friends. Try out different room plans or wall colors and see the result with snapshots as if you were standing in the room. Beginners can quickly and easily implement their ideas in the free room planner RoomSketcher.

If you want to use RoomSketcher professionally, e.g. to draw or have high-quality floor plans yourself drawn or have them created and much more, you have further options with the versions (VIP & Pro) for house builders, interior decorators, interior designers and real estate agents.

If you want to upload your own floor plan, or want to play with pre-programmed floor plans, then this free 3D room planner is for you. Roomstyler allows you to determine the position of the doors, windows and walls yourself and to choose the appropriate interior elements from a gallery. The interface is relatively simple, and allows the user to see the plan in 3D from different views, and even paint the walls and ceiling in colors.

The mood boards are also a cool feature. The ideas collected are presented in a clear arrangement on a mood board. This gives you an idea of ​​how colors and materials interact and form a unit.

More options available – you can upload your model to Facebook and share it with your friends! For everyone who loves their iPhone, Roomstyler also has a free app to download. There you cannot edit the designs, you can only get inspiration. They can in turn be commented on and liked.

3 / IKEA Home Planner – free 3D room planner

Ikea has developed free software that allows you to plan your furniture and decorations for your own home! As you flip through Ikea’s catalog, have you ever wished you could take that exact bookcase or bedside table and see how it will look in your room?

This simple free 3d room planner will help you to first plan your interior and then select furniture and decoration from the Ikea catalog, calculate the total price and then print out the finished project so that you can then find the products quickly in the Ikea store.

4 / Ikea Kitchen Planner – free 3D room planner

free 3D room planner

Ikea has also developed a kitchen planner that gives you the opportunity to furnish kitchens, change models and swap kitchen accessories, kitchen counters and other components. The program makes a list of all the items you need so that you can calculate the price in the end. Ikea is a leading furniture manufacturer specializing in furnishing, decorating and kitchen design. If you enter your dimensions and openings / door and window / in the program, you can see what the preferred furniture will look like and whether it will fit well in the room.

5 / Villeroy and Boch online bathroom planner

With the online bathroom planner from Villeroy and Boch, your dream bathroom quickly takes shape. A drawing and / or 3D visualization is created in just three simple steps, which can then be sent to a consultant on site. The additional functions of the planner make work much easier. The user can access the brand’s entire product range and try out various design options.

6 / Design My Room – online 3D room planner – colors

If you also have the uncomfortable experience of having fabric or material samples from different shops at home and having to adjust them, then this free 3D room planner is for you. Armstrong has a nice 3D virtual program that gives you the opportunity to test different color combinations from flooring, furniture, ceilings, walls and even countertops. And all of this in the comfort of your own home, without having to run through town for samples!

Design a room is very practical – you can choose a room in your own house, then decide on the furnishing style / from modern, traditional to global fusion / and play with colors, textures and materials. Getting the right finishes and fabrics can be a daunting task, but Armstrong has a wide gallery to choose from. You can choose the wall color and see the manufacturer’s item number. Choose from the color schemes by Sherwin Williams, PPG, Benjamin Moore so you can find the right color for your red wooden furniture or onyx ceramic floor tiles.

The design tool is for everyone who wants to redesign their room and is curious about the result. The biggest advantage of this free 3D room planner is the fact that you can learn more about the products before you buy them. Armstrong has a lot of useful information about floors and ceilings – for example, when you see the bathroom here, there is a warning that wood flooring is not suitable for bathrooms. In this way you can not only create a beautiful ambience, but above all choose practical materials.

7 / Homestyler – online free 3D room planner

The creators of Autocad, Revit and 3ds Studio max – Autodesk are known for their professional design programs for buildings. They also have a great space planning program called Homestyler. In contrast to the other programs, this 3d room planner is well suited for beginners.

Simple commands such as drag and drop have been created so that you can design construction plans that enable you to arrange walls and select windows and doors. No prior knowledge is required to be able to work with the software. The professional version Homestyler PRO can be bought.

The furnishing and decoration options allow the user to choose furniture, accessories and many decorative elements. To make your interior look more homely, you can choose carpets and carpet rugs from the manufacturer. Choose from Flor, Sherwin Williams, Kohler and many others to give your living area a cozy look.

When your design is ready, you can print out the sketch so that you don’t get lost in the hardware store later. If you want to share your idea with your friends, you can send your building sketch via Facebook or email and discuss the project!


For those who want to do it themselves (DIY), the next free 3D room planner is just for you. After you’ve planned the look of the rooms, you are ready to buy the materials and get started, aren’t you? Bob presents free online tools to help you estimate how much material you will need. With it you will learn to sketch and measure space. It avoids wasted time, expensive materials, and unnecessary trips to and from your local hardware store!

The Drywall Estimator uses sketch and diagrams to show you how to get the measurements you need.

Design your room according to the dimensions – free 3D room planner

The first step is to use the free worksheets to sketch out your room with dimensions and number each wall on your diagram. Once you do, answer the following questions about that particular wall. The answers to these questions will help with the estimate in the end.

View in gallery

The next step is to lay out the shape of the ceiling and answer the questions related to its properties. Note that the Drywall Estimator shows you how the ceiling tiles would be installed if you installed them. This is helpful not only for estimating the quantity, but also for understanding your project before you implement it.

View in gallery
Layout obstacles – such as bumps on the walls

In the last few steps you will deal with the measurement around obstacles, windows and doors. These areas will help you subtract them from the total wall area measured in the previous steps. For those of you who prefer to do home renovations alone, this free 3D room planner will take the guesswork out of buying and installing drywall.

View in gallery
Drywall Estimator can help you design and estimate to save money and time!

The Drywall Estimator also has other companions that would help with your next renovation. Paint, tile, bathroom insulation, and acoustic ceiling tile estimators are also available.

9 / Sweet Home 3D
This visual free 3D room planner is ideal for those who want more customization options for room planning programs. The online software is free with a login and some brief information to get started. An enhanced version of Sweet Home 3D can also be downloaded on your computer – for saving, exporting and manipulating your house plans at a later date.

The Sweet Home 3D interface has everything you need in one view

The interface is defined in 4 sections: 1) The furniture catalog in the top left corner allows you to select components by name in a quick way. Similar to a Windows Explorer format, the tree layout navigation enables components to be placed directly in the floor plan using drag & drop. 2.) The floor plan shows you in a 2D format where the walls, windows, doors and furniture will be placed. 3.) The 3D window shows your plan in a 3D mode immediately after inserting it into the floor plan. This view helps the user to visualize the plan as. 4). Finally, the home furniture list shows the dimensions, size, etc. of each of the components. This will help with the furniture layout and choose the exact size you need.

3D images and a video function can show a walk through your rooms

With the added bonus of this program, you can customize 3D furniture models if you can’t find what you need in the included catalog. Import your own models directly into your plans. To bring your floor plan in, import it into Sweet Home 3D, scale it and track it so you don’t have to guess. For those who want to walk through the designed space, a camera function can be added and a video function visualizes how you would interact in all areas of the room. This free 3D room planner can be simple, but it also has advanced features for those who want more from their virtual 3D planning.

10 / SmartDraw – free 3D room planner

SmartDraw is a group of programs for visual graphics and presentations. The graphical decisions include diagrams and graphics such as: project graphics, dates, marketing charts and diagrams. Below the application flowchart are floor plans and room plans smartdraw 2018 license key free.

This free 3D room planner allows you to design, create and present drawings, at both a beginner and professional level. Use this program to plan office space, apartments, individual rooms and even building facades. SmartDraw is ideal for people or businesses that don’t need complicated design software. It has a free trial period and if you are not satisfied you can purchase the full program for yourself.

free 3D room planner

With an almost infinite selection of furniture, cars, building materials and pre-installed plans, SmartDraw is good value for money. If you are an advanced user of computer programs, you will probably enjoy adding a variety of content and data. This program is perfect for you.

* The next free 3D room planners are for people who don’t want to spend a lot of time on the computer but rather sketch a drawing for a contractor or home renovation designer. These programs provide hard lines instead of a hand drawn sketch.

11 / SMALL BLUE PRINTER : Floor Scheduler

Floor Scheduler is a simple but effective way to plan to make. Often times you have an idea and need to make a floor plan, don’t you? This free 3D room planner allows you to design a floor plan with drag & drop walls, windows and doors. What’s great about this program is that it doesn’t require any prior knowledge of design or decor. Just load, delete and print!

The floor planner will help you to create a floor plan quickly and easily

12 / SMALL BLUE PRINTER – free garden planner
We discussed nine of the best free n 3D room planners for laying floor plans, furniture and décor – and what about the garden? From the creator of the floor planner comes Garden Planner , an online design tool that allows you to design and lay out the landscape.
Similar to the floor plan, the garden planner allows you to design and arrange walls, furniture and plants on a worksheet. Click on a piece of furniture to see its dimensions and color and change the color with a menu of colors and shades.

Create walkways, fences, water features, and plants in a layout to explain your vision, or just brainstorm and have fun. Once you are satisfied with the design of the program, the program will estimate the quantity of plants and landscape components. The price is also added.

Free 3D room planner – garden planning

13 / PLAN-A-GARDEN   – In just a few minutes you can create a beautiful garden on your computer screen. With this free garden planner you can design everything in advance – from a patio area to the entire inner courtyard. Use your mouse to drag and drop more than 150 trees, shrubs, and flowers. You can also incorporate many other elements such as buildings, gazebos, fences and terraces.

Free garden planner from BHG

There are many free 3D room planners that you can use to plan, design, draw and visualize your space. Depending on your skills, what your goal is and how you want to present your final drawings, there is a program for you. The next time you play or dream to have a house where you want to build your personal preferences, look at this list of the top 10 free n 3D room planner.

Free Fire’s Booyah Day event

Free Fire’s Booyah Day event started today, Oct. 16, and will last until Nov. 1. Players will be able to get free and exclusive items. They’ll also get to play a new mini-game and a new Clash Squad mode.

The Booyah Day theme song, “One More Round,” was released yesterday. You can listen to it here mod menu ps team download.

Starting today, Booyah Bingo will be available daily for players to win Booyah Crowns that can later be exchanged for items like a Booyah Day surfboard, banner, parachute, loot box, grenade, and bat. 

During the event, a Booyah Global Scoreboard will rank Free Fire players with the most wins. The top 100 players on this scoreboard will win exclusive items. Another scoreboard will count the wins in a new mini-game named Booyah Go, which will also be available throughout the event. In the mini-game, players will have to reach the Booyah point in a board game scenario. 

On Oct. 20, players will receive 12 missions that have to be completed in one week. When finished with these missions, they must log in on Oct. 24 to claim their reward.

The Booyah Day event will have its peak day on Oct. 24 when all players who log in will receive a free UMP skin. This skin will be the first that allows you to level up the gun. At every level, the gun will have a new exclusive look FREE FIRE MOD MENU PSTEAM V5 .

Finally, a new Clash Squad mode will be available in Free Fire from Oct. 24 until the end of the Booyah Day event. In this new mode, eight squads will play separately in four different parts of the map. Each team has three lives and needs to win to keep them. They’ll be eliminated when they lose all three lives. The winning squad is the last one with lives in a dodgeball style game.

What is infinity

With infinity we mean when something has no end or is limitless. The opposite would be finitude. Infinity is hard to imagine. Things can be infinitely big, but they can also be infinitely small. In mathematics , you use a special symbol for when something is infinitely large, namely an eight lying on its side. The infinity of time was often referred to as eternity in the past .

Although infinity is difficult to understand, a thought experiment helps a little: Let’s imagine we have an apple . If we cut it in half and eat one half, there will be left over. If we halve this rest again and eat half of it, then there is again a rest. This rest is smaller than the one before. You can go on and on like this. The leftover apples keep getting smaller, but there is still something left to cut in half. The process can never end, it is infinite. You can also see that you can eat an apple every time you cut it in half, even infinitely often. Still, you will never have eaten the whole apple.

We often use the word “infinite” for things that are not infinite at all. For example, if we have to wait a very long time for something, we are quick to say that it is taking an infinite amount of time. One would also quickly say that the number of grains of sand in a desert is infinite. But that’s not true, because theoretically you could count them all and would eventually come to an end. But then you would have a very large number as a result.

what is infinity times 0

The universe is perhaps infinitely large, but nobody really knows. In many religions is God infinite, because he had a beginning never and will never come to an end. In mathematics, we work with infinity a lot. For example, there are infinitely many numbers. If you divide 1 by three, the result is 0.33333 …, the three go on infinitely after the decimal point. Mathematicians know many such examples.