Drop Sense75 Review: Overpriced and Unbalanced

The Drop Sense75, a highly anticipated mechanical keyboard, has been making waves in the keyboard enthusiast community. With its sleek design and promises of exceptional performance, it has captured the attention of many. However, upon closer inspection and extensive use, it becomes evident that the Sense75 falls short of its lofty expectations. In this review, we will explore the reasons why the Drop Sense75 is overpriced and unbalanced.

Build Quality and Design

The Sense75 boasts an eye-catching design with an aluminum frame and a compact layout. While the overall build quality is commendable, there are some notable flaws. The keycaps, for instance, feel flimsy and lack the satisfying tactile feedback expected from a premium mechanical keyboard. Additionally, the stabilizers produce an annoying rattling sound, which can be quite distracting during intense typing sessions.

Performance and Typing Experience

When it comes to performance, the Sense75 fails to deliver the exceptional typing experience one would expect from a keyboard in its price range. The keyboard utilizes Gateron switches, which are known for their smoothness, but the Sense75’s implementation falls short. There is an inconsistency in key actuation force across the board, leading to an unbalanced typing experience. Some keys require more force to actuate, while others feel overly sensitive. This inconsistency greatly affects typing accuracy and overall comfort.

Software and Customization Options

The Sense75 comes with minimal software support, limiting its customization capabilities. While it offers basic remapping and macro functionality, it lacks advanced features found in other keyboards at a similar price point. This lack of versatility is disappointing, considering the premium price tag associated with the Sense75. Users who seek extensive customization options may find themselves disappointed with the limited software offerings.

Price and Value for Money

One of the most significant drawbacks of the Drop Sense75 is its price. Priced significantly higher than comparable keyboards on the market, it fails to justify its premium price tag. While the build quality and design are commendable, they do not compensate for the lackluster typing experience and limited software capabilities. As a result, potential buyers may find themselves questioning whether the Sense75 offers enough value for the price.


In conclusion, the Drop Sense75 falls short of the expectations set by its premium price tag. While the build quality and design are commendable, they are overshadowed by the subpar typing experience, inconsistent key actuation, and limited software capabilities. With many other keyboards on the market offering better performance and customization options at a more reasonable price, the Sense75 fails to stand out as a worthwhile investment. If you’re in the market for a high-end mechanical keyboard, it’s advisable to explore other options before settling for the Sense75.

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