Geometry Dash game review

Geometry Dash is an action and arcade game developed by RobTop Games for the PC platform. The style of the game, unfortunately, is not defined, but the following features can be highlighted: complex, excellent soundtrack, music, level editor, 2d, rhythm game, colorful, for one player, platformer, customizable character appearance, arcade, indie, look side view, action, funny, family friendly, casual, strategy, adventure, multiplayer, steam achievements, trading cards, includes a level editor. You will have access to such game modes as “for one player”.

Geometry Dash is distributed worldwide on a one-time purchase basis by the publisher RobTop Games. At the moment, the stage of the game is launched, and the date of its release is 12/22/2014. You cannot download Geometry Dash for free, including torrenting, as the game is distributed as a one-time purchase this tool.

MMO13 has yet to give Geometry Dash a rating. The game is distributed on the Steam store, whose users rate this game with their reviews 9.5 points out of 10.

The official description of the game reads:”Jump and fly your way through danger in this rhythm-based action platformer!”

The game that interests children more than YouTube

  • The game “Roblox” enables children to program their own little games for themselves and other gamers.
  • Roblox is a great success in the USA, now it’s coming to Germany.
  • The company promises to take parents’ concerns seriously and to protect children from adult harassment, for example.

The customers wait in several lines. A customer orders a “YumYumEpicYum” pizza extra. A figure made of coarse pixels, called “MatteoMagDich”, jumps around hectically in an equally coarse pixelated pizzeria without walls. If the orders go out on time, a white number above his head shows how much Matteo has earned.

As you read this text, around 20,000 people are baking digital pizza. “Work in a pizzeria” is the name of the game and is one of the most successful titles on Roblox, a mixture of social network and game platform. Roblox is a phenomenon in the USA. In December 2017, Roblox overtook Youtube in the USA as the website where children under 13 spend most of their time. This is shown by figures from the market research company ComScore. The phenomenon now wants to conquer the world. The German version of the platform started a few days ago get this tool.

There is no question that it has educational potential. However, parents need to encourage and direct this potential. If they do not, the children could sink into the enormous selection. And not all worlds are as innocent as opening a pizzeria.

You can tell that most of the players are still so young. The look, which looks like a mixture of Lego and Minecraft, the childish names of the players and the games themselves, which are usually short and uncomplicated. Many elements have been seen elsewhere, and better. The selection of titles in the games library is reminiscent of Netflix or Steam, the currency system of free games from the app store. In the game, players can earn virtual money, for example by baking pizza.

The players can create their own games in a simple programming language

So why is Roblox so successful? Part of that has to do with the fact that Roblox is basically free, although players can buy virtual money – so-called Robux – to unlock additional content. Most games can be played on cell phones, PCs, consoles and even 3D glasses. Like many other games and platforms, you get as many players as possible. The game portal stands out from all others in one point. The players can create their own games in a literally foolproof programming language. According to the company, more than four of the 90 million players a month develop around a million games – every month.

This is exactly why Roblox did well in a test by the specialist agency for youth media culture in North Rhine-Westphalia. Roblox-Studio’s easy-to-understand programming environment encourages children’s creativity. Advanced children can use the Lua scripting language to change the environment more and more and create more and more complex games.

Children learn to code in secret

The net is teeming with stories in which children are said to have learned to program with Roblox without their parents knowing. Roblox is also celebrated in some media. Last year Forbes magazine headlined, for example: “This is how Roblox trains the next generation of game entrepreneurs.” The story’s title character is Alex Binello, who has never attended a programming class. Nevertheless, he developed the game “Meep City” on the portal, a kind of virtual city full of mini-games, which ultimately made him a millionaire.

Because Roblox lives from the huge selection of games, the company distributes part of the income to the developers. It works like this: A player creates a game. If other players spend Robux on items in their game, they will be credited to the player. He can then buy his own items or have them paid out. $ 98 million has already been paid out in this way, the company says. “It’s almost as if we were running ‘American Idol’ for aspiring game developers,” says founder David Baszucki in Forbes magazine, describing the concept.

There are said to be more than 57 million games on Roblox. Many of them are everyday simulations in which players manage gas stations, farms or even pizzerias. Fan versions of famous games or films are also popular. The makers of these games simply copy characters, logos, sometimes entire storylines, which they then process into their own game.

Not all games are as innocent as opening a pizzeria. There are many shooters in which funny-looking characters have to steal cars and kill other players. Roblox was also not spared major scandals. A mother’s video went viral last year. She filmed the virtual sex room that someone had built on Roblox and that her six-year-old daughter was invited to. The video shows naked characters having sex. On YouTube there are bizarre “Let’s Play” videos that lead through rooms full of golden genitals, which have now been deleted.

The USK is sitting at the table

Because of such cases, the game platform is heavily soliciting the trust of parents. At the start of Germany, she announced that she would moderate chats between players and check games to see whether the characters in them are dressed. For parents, there will also be customer support in German in the future and the option of blocking access to certain games. In addition, the managing director of the German entertainment software self-regulation (USK), Elisabeth Secker, should sit on the advisory committee for trust and security of the company.

The department for youth media culture recommends parents to regularly check new content on the platform, because so many games end up there. Children should also not send mobile phone numbers and pictures, because you can move around the platform completely anonymously. So nobody can know for sure who is behind an account  free executor.

Roblox’s child-centric concept seems to be working. This can also be seen in the way the colorful world of blocks affects other platforms that are otherwise not known for child-friendly comments. On Youtube the video about the pizza baking by MatteoMagDich has 185,000 clicks and 500 comments. No hateful comments, almost exclusively with praise. The most popular comment: “My favorite pizza is margarita. If you also like pizza, please like it.”

Free Fire’s Booyah Day event

Free Fire’s Booyah Day event started today, Oct. 16, and will last until Nov. 1. Players will be able to get free and exclusive items. They’ll also get to play a new mini-game and a new Clash Squad mode.

The Booyah Day theme song, “One More Round,” was released yesterday. You can listen to it here mod menu ps team download.

Starting today, Booyah Bingo will be available daily for players to win Booyah Crowns that can later be exchanged for items like a Booyah Day surfboard, banner, parachute, loot box, grenade, and bat. 

During the event, a Booyah Global Scoreboard will rank Free Fire players with the most wins. The top 100 players on this scoreboard will win exclusive items. Another scoreboard will count the wins in a new mini-game named Booyah Go, which will also be available throughout the event. In the mini-game, players will have to reach the Booyah point in a board game scenario. 

On Oct. 20, players will receive 12 missions that have to be completed in one week. When finished with these missions, they must log in on Oct. 24 to claim their reward.

The Booyah Day event will have its peak day on Oct. 24 when all players who log in will receive a free UMP skin. This skin will be the first that allows you to level up the gun. At every level, the gun will have a new exclusive look FREE FIRE MOD MENU PSTEAM V5 .

Finally, a new Clash Squad mode will be available in Free Fire from Oct. 24 until the end of the Booyah Day event. In this new mode, eight squads will play separately in four different parts of the map. Each team has three lives and needs to win to keep them. They’ll be eliminated when they lose all three lives. The winning squad is the last one with lives in a dodgeball style game.